As I’m sure you’re all aware we are now officially the best Beach Boys tribute band throughout the UK. Who says so? None other than than well known Beach Boys biographer Kingsley Abbott in the latest issue of Record Collector magazine (August 2009, Issue No 365) so shell out £3.90 and buy your own copy like I did. Kingsley has written a number of books about the Beach Boys (some of which are still in print) These include “Back to the Beach/ed” (think we might have to sue for copyright here) and “The Beach Boys Pet Sounds – The Greatest Album of the 20th Century”.

On another note think I’m going to have to change our gig page format. As you’re all aware, at  the moment I only really list the gigs that people can get into (for obvious reasons) don’t want a bunch of people turning up mob handed at some corporate do. However I’m going to have to be like everyone else and list when we’re not free as I keep getting calls from people wanting to book us based on the gig guide. I can sense frustration whenever someone does this and I’m telling them we’re not free.

On your boards, ready, set , go!

The Beached Boys xx